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The people of the minority tribes have their own unique wildness and beauty. When our sculptors have verified history and observed life, we have restored the unique strength of those ethnic minorities that have been left behind in the long history. This figurine Shown is the legs of a group of very happy horses on the uneven bronze ground, the front legs are in the air, the hind legs are bent, pedaling on the rock, and behind the horse is a feathered head. The grandfather of a minority of tribes is driving this horse to run freely on the grassland. The most intuitive feeling to everyone is wildness and strength, which is why many entrepreneurs like it.



The general equestrian statuette is derived from the Mongolian people from the variety and race of the horse. The general equestrian statuette uses exaggerated artistic techniques to express the valiant and heroic figures and horses incisively and vividly. The Mongolian people are distributed in a traditional nomadic nation. One of the ethnic minorities, it is also the Mongolian nationality. The construction of bronze sculptures is the driving force for our continuous struggle, and it is also a better ornamental object. Bronze figurines are figurines art in the shape of various figures in ancient and modern China and abroad. It refers to the use of various plastic materials or hard materials that can be carved and engraved to create visual and tactile artistic figurines with a certain space. image. It is an art that reflects social life and expresses the artist’s aesthetic feelings, aesthetic emotions and aesthetic ideals.


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