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home decor indoor horse head bronze casting statue table top

Sculpture art can also dig inspiration and elements from the long river of history and inject them into those vivid figurines. Bronze, a material that represents eternity, is enough to become a witness to the history of sculpture, just like ours. A figurine, very much like the pillars on either side of the throne in ancient palaces and some palace lamps. The pattern of this figurine column supports the two connected yangs at the top. They kneel on their legs and sit with their backs facing each other. Their horns have the unique charm of ancient times. This figurine can also be installed for you. The upper LED light system is called both ancient and modern works of art.



The male bronze sheep is a small sheep statue made of brass. It is suitable for placing in parks, communities, zoos, and other occasions. The sheep symbolizes purity and preciousness. It is very common in our life. For example, in the park, the sheep is a very gentle animal, and many children like it. The bronze-carved sheep figurine implies kindness and easy-going, auspiciousness. At the same time, it is endowed with the meaning of filial piety and courtesy. The bronze-carved sheep also appeared in the bronze-carving industry and were favored by people. Not only because of its beautiful appearance but also because the bronze sheep figurine has great symbolic meaning. Sheep culture is a traditional culture with the characteristics of the Chinese nation. Sheep are naturally beautiful, symbolizing purity and preciousness. In the Book of Songs, there is a poem called the Lamb, which uses the lamb as a metaphor for a virtuous official. The bronze statue of the sheep is a symbol of beauty.


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