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Religious sculptures have many classic figures. Jesus statue bust shows the scene of the crucifixion of Jesus. The bottom is a marble base with natural patterns. The face and naked skin of the bust of Jesus above are all golden bronze, which is close to human skin color. . The clothes on the body are treated with patina, which has a retro charm. The thorny headband on the head is also green, which adds a touch of color to this Jesus statue bust. The casting of Jesus statue bust is very meticulous, and we even feel the suffering from Jesus’ face.



With the pain of the crucifixion of Jesus, with the pious belief as a Christian, this Jesus statue bust is customized. After Jesus was subjected to false temptation and subsequent scourging before he was nailed to the cross, Roman soldiers “weaved a crown of thorns and wore it on his head; the crown of thorns is extremely painful. Compared with pain, the crown of thorns is more Laughing. The crown of thorns on the Jesus statue bust confirmed that they were mocking, a crown that symbolized royalty and majesty, but turned it into a painful and degrading thing. “Since Christ has been cursed for us, he will redeem us. Get out of the curse of the law, because it is written:’Anything hung on wood is cursed. ‘” In his perfect atonement, Christ has saved us from the curse of sin. The thorns are a symbol. Although it is for mockery, the crown of thorns is actually a part of who Jesus is and the work he has come to do. Excellent symbol. The Jesus statue bust is also a classic small religious sculpture.


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