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Greek Myth Perseus Bronze Sculpture Antique Figurine Home decor

Since ancient times, there have been many equestrian sculptures expressing chivalry and aesthetics, but they have their own characteristics. In addition to the difference in body shape, it is also very popular to customize a small statuette with a detailed and complex shape. Our statuette combines mythology and aesthetic chivalry. This small statuette is on a stone base, a Pegasus falls on its hind legs, and the whole body stands up. The front legs are bent in the air. The wings on the back are very meticulously cast, and each wing has fine feathers. Next to the horse is a young man holding the reins. The bronze casting of the man’s body is full of strength.



The great Renaissance artworks, taking sculpture as an example, are mostly nude images, including many famous paintings in Europe, which also like the appearance of naked women. Many works of art in Europe originate from the ancient myths of hope, and the figures in these myths are mostly naked or half-naked. Although the rise of the Renaissance has brought Europe into a new world of artistic civilization, some works are still based on ancient Greek mythology. The expression of characters often emphasizes “human strength and beauty”, which is deeply influenced by the ancient hope culture. Ancient Greek art handed down mainly sculpture works, painting is almost not. The only way we can understand Greek painting is through the color painting on ancient Greek ceramics, which is usually the expression of daily life in ancient Greece, often semi-nude or fully nude, which shows that the ancient Greeks originally wore little or no clothes.


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