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Small outdoor delicate water spray system custom animal garden frog statuette fountain

Your life will be a lot of fun when you have a very funny garden frog statuette fountain in your garden, like this very small freshwater system that shows a cartoon frog standing upright with his hands, very cute crossed together, the mouth raised its head and spit out a graceful arc, this water flow we can set up and install for you, although the surface of the garden frog statuette fountain is mottled, it makes the frog more three-dimensional, So this garden frog statuette fountain is perfect as a gift on your desk or as a custom for a small garden.



This garden frog statuette fountain is a bronze sculpture made of bronze materials. The bronze sculpture placed on the pedestrian street has become a beautiful landscape in the city. It not only embodies the urban popular culture but also often integrates lively commercial elements. Let people have fun while shopping. Pedestrian streets play an increasingly important role in the city. Because they are often built in the central and old areas of the city, they are often characterized by the times. Therefore, the use of bronze sculptures on pedestrian streets fully demonstrates the style and cultural characteristics of the times and is well-known by people. The practicability of the cartoon garden frog statuette fountain, the FRP sculpture also has practical functions, you can use FRP to create many small figure sculptures, animal sculptures, cartoon sculptures, craft accessories, etc. for sale in the Commodity City and other places, such small objects It is beautiful and generous, and the image is vivid and very popular with young people.


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