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Greek mythological figure of the traveler god Custom bronze foot of Hermes patina statuette

Every ancient Greek and Roman mythological figure has its own duties, they are omnipotent, play their own role in different fields, bring people good or bad influences, and their stories have been passed down to the present, bringing us many creative inspirations, like our feet of Hermes statuette, are inspired by those mythological figures, this foot of Hermes statuette, he is very abstract, And from the character there are some characteristic elements, this is the foot of the Hermes traveler god, his feet have wings to bring free flight. In the sky, this foot of Hermes statuette is treated with patina’s bronze treatment, and soars freely on the base on tiptoe, and his foot of Hermes statuette can be used as both a collector’s item and as an ornament for some artistic atmospheres such as bookshelves.



Hermes was the messenger of the Greek gods, the god of commerce and tourism. He wears a hat with wings on his head, winged shoes on his feet, and a wand wrapped around two snakes, which symbolize peace and, in modern times, trade and transportation! At the same time, foot of Hermes statuette is also the patron saint of Gemini and Virgo. This sculpture uses a lot of elements about Hermes in its design. The style of foot of Hermes statuette art has gradually transformed from the lofty heroism and strength of the early stage to a personalized pursuit and a gentle and beautiful image. The characters in foot of Hermes statuette’s works are intimate, harmonious, and full of relaxed atmosphere, which is different from the solemnity and sublime of the classical period, and is more soft and free in the carving of the characters.


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