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famous greek Daughter of the Sea statue european

If you want a beautiful sculpture, this figurine will definitely come into your eyes. This is a figurine that combines the most natural and beautiful things in nature with the most beautiful existence in the characters, just like A tree grows from the ground. From the middle of the leaves is the body of a woman. His hair is like a blooming flower. Her figure is very slender and beautiful. She holds her hair in her hands. It is displayed in front of everyone like a fairy. This small statue is made of bronze with a brown eternal material, plus some gloss, it is a beautiful picture, I hope it will bring a romantic atmosphere to your interior, with more advanced taste.



The figurines of goddesses in Greek mythology are all described as beautiful and dazzling. When creating a beautiful image, because it is difficult to find a person who is perfect in all aspects, people choose from many people and put each one. The most beautiful parts of the individual are brought together to create a body that looks beautiful as a whole. Therefore, the statue of the goddess in ancient Greece can always shock and move people, because she is a combination of all beauty. The perfect image of the goddess in Greek mythology created the perfection of the goddess statuette. Therefore, the head of the ancient Greek goddess statue was established as a “head model” by later generations. Each figurine of the goddess concentrates on the beauty of the Greek women, who have oval faces, straight noses, serene eyes, flat foreheads, full chins, faint smiles, and serene and solemn expressions, and Carve the bun into an organized wave.


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