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Famous Europa and Bull OX Statues bronze ancient Greek mythology statue home decor

Many of the arena scenes in Greco-Roman are very suitable as inspiration for artistic sculpture, and the power and conquest of those times have given this greek figurine an even more powerful expression. the greek figurine shows a scene where a woman is taming a bull, the bull is screaming in the sky, and the woman is sitting on the bull’s back with her legs crossed. First in one hand, this greek figurine is a show of strength. Strong tribal style.



We know that both Western figure sculptures and oriental figure sculptures are very popular. They all have a long history. Figure greek figurine in different periods shows people’s values and outlook on life, which also contains people’s extreme views on life. great enthusiasm. The humanism of the character greek figurine is that each country has its own development law, and its historical background, economic culture, and other aspects determine the country’s unique cultural atmosphere, and the country’s cultural atmosphere determines to some extent The basic condition of its character greek figurine.


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