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famous bronze workers figurines home decoration for sale

There are many styles of figurines. These bronze workers figurines show neoclassical and art nouveau styles. The statue depicts a walking worker, wearing a helmet on his head, wearing work clothes, holding a weighing mound in his left hand, and a hoe in his right hand. A working-class worker who is alive and well is in classicism. Very classic image. Its novelty is that bronze workers figurines are all black, which makes the figure more three-dimensional.



Learn the background from bronze workers figurines. Workers originated in England at the end of the 17th century. With the emergence of industrial countries, capitalists mainly engaged in industrial production appeared in the UK at that time. They employed a large number of laborers to work for their own factories. At that time, those who worked in the factories were called workers. . Bronze workers figurines have many responsibilities, and their main workplaces have gradually evolved into factories or offices. Occasionally I looked up, and on the scaffolding tens of meters high, their figures seemed to be flying in the air, and I could only vaguely see the colorful helmets jumping. This is their hard work. Every construction site To see them immersed in their hard work, this is their dedication to their work and their love of construction. Custom bronze workers figurines have become our admiration for the noble work of workers.


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