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Famous Bronze Botero Statue Abstract Fat Gentleman Riding Horse decor

Each figure and animal sculpture created by Botero has its own character, our small statuette is suitable for interior decoration, and can reproduce many popular Botero artwork, this one is the man on a horse, this horse statuette cast The design is very abstract, with thick limbs and many segmented muscles, but the strong body is connected with a small horse head, which is very funny and cute. The gentleman sitting on the horse was dressed very decently and turned his head to look aside. This statuette also has some implied meanings, giving people a decorative effect and inspiration at the same time.



The strong and tough image of “Woman on Horseback” can not help but remind people of those tough and fearless goddesses and heroines in the history of art, such as Athena, Epona, Countess Godiva, Amazon women warriors, and so on. The woman in Botero’s sculpture sits proudly and gracefully on a horse, with her hands firmly on the side of her mane. Her naked body does not appear fragile, but rather stronger. The absence of clothing keeps her from belonging to any particular time or place, making her immortal and a timeless female representation. Her mount is similar to her image, and the two characters blend harmoniously into one. In Botero’s creation, she can be a goddess, a female warrior, or a girl riding a merry-go-round in a park, but her soft sense of strength, courage, and closeness to the natural world remains unchanged.


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