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Diana Artemis Statue Bronze Greek Goddess of Hunting Moon Figurine Antique decor

In our imagination of the goddess in mythology, the goddess of hunting is a very brave and beautiful existence. Whether we have seen those mythological stories or the statues of those examples, they all satisfy the interpretation of female power in our minds, just like this Like a figurine, it most directly shows the beauty of women. There is a tree stump on the round base. Next to the tree stump is the goddess Diana. She is naked, with a quiver on her back, a bow in her left hand, and a quiver in her right hand. Sword, head tilted to one side, as if looking for her prey, the role of this goddess is very clear, this small statue also shows us a very plump body and an interpretation of the power of ancient myths.



There are many forms of expression of the ancient Greek goddess figurines, but mainly in the form of nude expression. Looking at the statues of goddesses in ancient Greece, it is not difficult to find that many of the statues of goddesses are naked or even naked, why such a feature is formed. What? In fact, there are many factors for the goddess sculpture to appear in front of the world in this form, but the relationship with Greek mythology cannot be ignored. Nude statuettes of goddesses in ancient Greece were closely associated with worship, religion, and mythology. The Greek goddess nude figurine art is out of the needs of the gods, and it is the Greek mythology that gives him the sacred meaning. Nude art is loaded with religious connotations, carrying human beings, yearning for myths and pursuit of gods. For the Greeks, “the creation and invention of art is itself a religious activity and religious satisfaction. Viewing such works of art is not just a look, but an integral part of their religion and life.


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