Aongking Handmade Statuette

Decor Girl With Grape Handmade Female Bronze Sculptures

A woman is as beautiful as a flower. The bronze statuette of this woman is a beautiful being. The woman is wearing a beautiful floral dress and standing on tiptoe. Holding a small flower pot in her hand and a bunch of grapes in her hand, this kind of woman who combines flowers and fruits is very artistic. Whether it is a beautiful skirt or a woman’s facial expressions, they are all very detailed. The creation of women in these Greek mythological figures comes from the ancient art sculptor’s research and beautiful creation of the human body, which is very suitable for placing such a statuette in your living environment to add beauty that blooms alone.



The art of Roman figure sculpture originated in Greece. Even though the architecture and political system of Rome are closely related to Greece, there is still a distinction between the two, and even the most essential spiritual core is different. Romantic Greece: When it comes to Greek sculpture, we know that Greek statues have a great connection with their movements, the muscles of the whole body, and the flexibility of the joints, she is the most perfect state. Therefore, the body after exercise, like the perfect body of the bodybuilders we see today, the Greeks worship and yearn for very much. Therefore, we are seeing Greek statues, whether Venus or Apollo is a perfect bodies, so people also call the Greek statues perfect and idealized. Such sculptures originate from Greek culture.


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