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decor bronze goddess figurines beautiful woman statue for sale

There are many different styles of goddess figurines Hera statues in Greek mythology, but they all have a noble and noble temperament. As a Greek queen, her dress and behavior are also different from ordinary people’s. The goddess figurines Hera in Greek mythology wears gorgeous costumes and exotic headdresses on her head. The waist is also beautifully decorated. There is a peacock with an open screen beside her. very beautiful.



Hera, the third-generation queen in ancient Greek mythology, is also the goddess of marriage and fertility, and one of the twelve gods of Olympus. The ancient Greek poet Hesiod’s book “The Book of Gods” referred to Hera as the “gold-shod Hera”; in Homer’s epic, she was called the “white arm” “White-armed goddess Hera”, “golden-seated goddess figurines Hera” and “ox-eyed Queen of Heaven”, the sitting represented by the Greek mythology goddess figurines statue Hera, the queen of heaven on the golden throne, is extremely beautiful, with a pair of piercing eyes and big insight into everything, her arms as white as lilies, and her beautiful curly hair pouring out from under the crown, showing a majestic and serene look.


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