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decor bronze chinese parying statue table decorations

Whether in Buddhism or Catholicism, moderate prayer and meditation can help us better find the direction of our lives. This figurine casts a man who is meditating with his hands together. On the base, only the man’s wrists are folded with both hands. Every joint of the fingers is very clearly cast. The part connecting the thumbs of the fingers is a broken face. Only the facial features of this man are very three-dimensional. We seem to listen to it. When it comes to this person, his inner voice, this figurine is a collection of abstraction and religion, I hope he can bring you a calm mood in your life, so that you can pursue your own life direction.



Prayer, also known as prayer, is the most primitive and common means of “communication” between man and God in religious ceremonies. The figurines express people’s attitude towards God, express their wishes to God, call on God, thank God, praise God, etc., and pray for God’s gifts and blessings. At the same time, it also expresses repentance to God. The content of the figurine’s prayer is to meditate on the mysteries of God, praise the virtues of God, and thank God for his kindness. In prayer, people are convinced of the existence of God, and they feel keenly that they are one with the universe and with nature. These feelings and experiences will generate various religious experiences, which will further enrich and develop the content of prayer. The prayer figurine is the expression and concrete expression of a natural emotion of the believers to respect and love God.


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