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Custom dog statue Bronze statuette for Animal Custom Guardian Country Bronze interior

Every family needs a guardian of its own, and if the guardian wants to be the representative of the dog, our bronze dog statue can be customized to decorate your garden and private environment, you can also customize small types as some of your living room and tabletop decoration. The custom dog statue is sitting in a clever semi-squat with its two front legs supporting the floor and its ears hanging naturally on either side of its head. The features and muscles on the dog’s body show a more three-dimensional with a mottled element. This custom dog statue shows its own different charm in different environments, and also gives us a great sense of security. This is the meaning of the existence of some animal sculptures.



custom dog statue has the meaning of wealth and auspiciousness, at the same time, copper dog sculpture is also a symbol of friendship, because it represents loyalty, and the beauty of friendship is in sincerity, copper dog sculpture is not only a symbol of wealth and auspiciousness, at the same time, but also has the effect of auspicious, feng shui, at the same time, it can also drive away evil spirits, therefore, The bronze dog sculpture in the home is very auspicious. The bronze dog sculpture is beautiful in shape and lovely in image. Small custom dog statue can be placed in the shop, or bedroom bed, or desk is also some. Not only the town house guard the role of peace, but also the meaning of wealth. It can be said that home or courtyard placement is the best product. custom dog statue, at the same time, is also a part of the zodiac, therefore, the custom dog statue is not only cute, at the same time, but also a certain cultural atmosphere. Therefore, the copper dog sculpture not only has a high appreciation value, but also has a certain collection value,


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