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custom decorative modern Giacometti sculpture metal human figures decor

The meaning of abstract sculpture is different for everyone. This very famous sculptor has made many types of slender people that have been welcomed by everyone. After understanding the background story, you may feel that These sculptures are a bit depressing, but we need to look at the figurines with our eyes. The beauty of itself is like this bronze figurine. Many stacked rocks seem to form the body of this person. The thin neck supports a thin head, what kind of pressure his body is under, or what kind of deep thinking this small statue brings you, these are the charms brought by abstract sculptures, I hope every detail of ours is carefully The casting to bring you a different abstract experience.



Is the man who created a slender bronze alien tribe now seen in museums around the world, figurines also created surreal figurines and labyrinthine architectural spaces. This style seems to elongate the human figure, but throw it very figuratively to show a kind of blank, empty or dynamic, or static human figurine, which seems to be a ghost born from the scorched earth. Such a style is both bizarre and anxiety-provoking, with a strong artistic and humanitarian spirit. As soon as the work appeared at that time, it resonated with the people who had experienced the war and were traumatized in their hearts. Although those people survived the war, most of their ego has been worn away by the harsh reality, their bodies are exhausted, their souls are numb, they stand up in the scorched earth of the ruins, continue to live meaninglessly, and continue to move forward meaninglessly. They seem to see themselves in such figurines.


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