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Famous design new character abstract custom bronze creative statuette faces

We once saw a monkey artwork, but we didn’t listen to it, didn’t read it, and wanted to express this idea. Now we have a very abstract design to express this idea. The base of this creative statuette faces is a black design, showing some prudent and advanced features, on the black base is one, holding a person’s face, blocking his ears, and the other hand In the posture of banning sound, there is another hand in the air covering the eyes of another person at the mouth of the other face, and the three faces are connected together to form a very balanced posture. The surface of the creative statuette faces is very smooth. The combination of light yellow and color makes this urea more advanced. The overall height of this sculpture is 13.8 feet, and its overall weight is 1.37 kg. We can customize it for you. On the desktop, as an abstract artwork, we have more creative statuette faces with human faces and hands, all of which have their own ideas and inspirations. If you like creative statuette faces You can find us to customize a lot of different designs, which can be used as gifts for friends, which are very meaningful and bring you some life inspiration.



The creative statuette faces continue to draw inspiration and the driving force of artistic creation, and finally set off a wave of modern art climax. Fauvism, Cubism, Expressionism, Abstraction, Surrealism, and other modern and contemporary art trends are more or less related to African woodcarving art, and present a certain artistic concept and modeling expression. a consistent trend. The sculptor’s creation is an interesting refinement of the natural form. Creative statuette faces are a reflection of the artist’s personal way of reality, and it is also the deep development and excavation of the human spiritual and emotional world. Most of them use simple and abstract shapes to stimulate people’s infinite imagination of beauty. Therefore, abstract creative statuette faces tend to be more subtle and general. It has a strong visual impact and modern meaning.


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