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Collection Famous Bronze Sculpture Joan of Arc Statue

Different nationalities and different soldiers have their own characteristics, but the same is the fiery patriotic heart. We need to feel it from the three-dimensional sculpture. This bronze statuette of ours is a characteristic soldier’s shape. Wearing hard armor, this handsome young man had curly hair around his ears, the statuette youth raised his head in prayer with his eyes closed, his hands clasped in front of his chest. Soldier statuette’s helmet and long sword are placed on the ground. The overall shape is very unique, suitable for all kinds of aspiring people to put on their desktop, but also to encourage their own strength. The hope expressed by our custom statuette can be felt by you.



Due to the different postures of the human body, the muscles are moved up or down, contracted or stretched, tightened or relaxed, and extreme research has been carried out, especially the face and abdominal muscles. Therefore, in the sculpture works of the literary and artistic period in Europe today, the body muscle lines and abdominal muscles in the male statues are perfectly presented, which is amazing and even unimaginable. In the long river of history, the sculptures and paintings of ancient peoples in the world are very common. Egyptian statues, Indian mausoleums, and Chinese terracotta warriors are painted in bright colors. Ancient statues were not just works of art, they were often given religious significance. Sculptures in ancient Greece are mainly based on gods, reliefs for decoration in temples, animal statues for sacrifice, and full-body portraits of young men and women. It was the cultural and religious needs of the time to increase the visual effect by painting.


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