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Classical Statue Discobolos Bronze Greek Artist Myron Discus Throw Figurine

The Greek art world and the Renaissance have left many brilliant works and artistic creations for later generations. The most classic ones are large-scale stone sculptures, and our modern statuettes are very popular. We can create those famous works into statuettes, On the round base is a very delicate small statuette. This statuette is based on the great creation of the discus thrower. The man’s naked and strong body is supported by a pillar, the body is twisted into a professional movement angle, and the left hand leans on it. Knees, right hand holding discus in mid-air. Every detail of the statuette is very beautifully cast and can be used as a decoration for some sports venues.



Based on real-life sports in Greece, it depicts the expressive moment of a strong man throwing a discus. At the moment when the discus selected by the sculpture swings back to the highest point and is about to be thrown, it has a strong attraction of “triggering but not throwing”. Although it is a static sculpture, the artist has grasped the key link of transitioning from one state to another, achieving the effect of making the audience psychologically get a “sense of movement”, becoming a model for later art creation, and also a research Important information on ancient Greek sculpture. The open arms of the discus thrower are like a bow full of strings, which drives the bending of the body, showing an unstable state, but the raised discus unifies all the movements of the human body, making people experience temporary balance.


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