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classic justice figurines bronze goddess of justice sculpture

In ancient Greek mythology, justice figurines symbolize justice and fairness. The skin on the body is plated with a layer of smooth gold. A cloth-covered her eyes. She was still stepping on a snake under her feet, and she held the constant sword of justice in her left hand. Holding a balance in his right hand. The skirt she is wearing is elegant and textured, and every little detail of justice figurines grasps the characteristics of the characters. It vividly puts an image of ancient Greece in front of us, and justice figurines are used by many people.



Regarding the symbolic meaning of the sword and the scale, justice figurines hold the scale in one hand and use it to measure the law, and the other hand holds the sword to defend the law. If the sword does not carry the scale, it is naked violence; if the scale does not carry the sword, it means weakness. The two are complementary, and only when justice figurines’ sword-holding power and palm-handling skills go hand in hand, a complete state of the rule of law can dominate. One is that everyone is equal before the law; the other is to observe and judge with the soul. Legal trials are about justice. The judges cannot be blinded by appearances and cannot be influenced by any forces other than “justice.” This is the meaning of the blindfold of the goddess of justice. Justice figurines are often placed in judicial organs, courts, and other places.


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