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children room bronze cute pixie figurines home decor Anniversary gift

In fairy tales, we imagine the elves flying around in the forest, and pixie figurines can satisfy your wonderful dreams. These pixie figurines follow the way most people think, with a pointed nose and long-Long elven ears, crooked hat decoration, and skateboard-like shoes. These quiet pixie figurines are reading a book, with a smile on his mouth, just like we imagined when we read fairy tales. These pixie figurines can be placed under a table lamp in the garden. At night, the elf sits under the tree and glows quietly, or puts it on a bookshelf to accompany you to read a book.



As I walked through the garden, I watched the sunshine through the dense leaves, pixie figurines that were blocked by the leaves, now just seeing the sky again, appeared in front of me. It is an exquisite and ancient pixie figurines. The entire small sculpture looks very detailed, and even the smile on the face of the elves can be clearly seen. The elves in the small sculpture are lying on a thick branch, leisurely tilting. Raising my legs and holding an old book with both hands, although the small sculpture is exquisite, it is not difficult to imagine the content of the book with the very pleasant expression of the elf. I fell in love with these pixie figurines in an instant, and couldn’t help but stretch out my hand to pick it up. Suddenly the elf said: I can decorate your entire garden beautifully. I woke up, it was a dream. Later, we customized these pixie figurines. Sure enough, our garden is full of life. Every friend who visits the garden wants a small sculpture of the same model very much, so I told them that they can customize it.


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