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Custom Camille claudel lover statuette bronze art in the style of Romantic Art Gallery

Every very romantic and attractive Camille claudel lover statuette has its own sculptor’s story behind it, and some of these stories are beautiful love, some are very touching historical stories, and our small sculpture shows a tree as the base. Many of the roots rising from the ground form the legs of two people, they are intertwined, and their upper body is a man and a woman in a very beautiful dance, the whole is very romantic, we can also see the love between them, want to be close to and want to separate, and in the eyes of our audience can feel only 1/10,000 of the feelings of the sculptor. And the Camille claudel lover statuette is made of bronze with smooth and glossy surface, which makes this sculpture adapt to some modern atmosphere at the same time, from the mottled lower part and the gloss of the upper part, The whole Camille claudel lover statuette shows a very romantic love story, and this Camille claudel lover statuette can be used as your own decoration or as a gift for your lover.



Instead of being formulaic by the complex techniques of Camille claudel lover statuette’s creation, her works seem to be infused with strong expressiveness and real psychological input, which is exactly what her contemporary male sculptors lack. The work of Camille claudel lover statuette shows a couple embracing and dancing together, both of them leaning to one side at the same time. The unstable factor released by this movement will make people quickly associate that happiness and romance often cannot last long. claudel created this work in the same year when she and Rodin started their love. Through Camille claudel lover statuette’s works, she could interpret her insight on the potential psychology of interpersonal relationship, and she tried to understand a series of emotions and behaviors triggered by human interaction through creation.


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