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bronze elephant statue animal sculpture table decor

Customized elephant statue has a good meaning, but only from the decorative feeling, this elephant statue has attracted many people’s likes. A particularly cute little elephant. His limbs are cast very three-dimensional, yellow and black alternately. The unevenness of the surface of the skin is a good use of the texture of bronze. It is walking forward. The little tail was tucked back, his eyes and mouth were smiling. The elephant statue is placed on a small base. As an indoor decoration, it is very in line with the temperament of furniture, and it looks good in the office.



The bronze elephant is a kind of animal bronze sculpture. It is a kind of plastic art. In ancient times, elephants represented a good fortune. In Chinese Buddhism, elephants are often used to mean good fortune. Therefore, bronze elephant statues are very popular among people. The bronze elephant statue placed at the entrance attracts every pedestrian. The bronze elephant statue is also very good to put on the desk, which can play a very good effect of attracting money. After putting bronze elephants on the desks, people’s luck will get better and better. The shape of this cute elephant is that the nose is raised high and it is doing the action of absorbing water. In Feng Shui, water is money. Therefore, the shape of this copper elephant also implies money absorption and fortune, and, Compared with other animal bronze sculptures, the bronze elephant itself has a relatively weak effect on evil, and it is more auspicious.


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