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bronze wings angel of hope statue Home Decor Bronze Sculpture

Sunshine represents hope, and so does the angel of hope. The whole body of this angel of hope is bronze, adding texture to every detail. This is a child angel, it seems to be floating in the air, with big wings spread out behind it, looking up at the sun in the sky, arms spread out to embrace the sun. Customizing angel of hope is not only for indoor and outdoor decoration. There is also a special meaning. angel of hope always makes you feel the hope of sunshine.



Western bronze angel of hope figurines, the meaning of angels originally meant religious creatures, representing holiness, goodness, God’s messenger, serving spirit, and being sent to serve believers who believe in God. Because angels are mostly winged girls or children, “angels” are now often used to compare angels to innocent and lovely people (mostly referring to women or children). … The angel of hope bronze sculptures and the little angel bronze sculptures have various shapes, standing or sitting, running or jumping, lively and lovely in style. Angels are beautiful incarnations. In the Western bible, the will of God is usually communicated through angels. Therefore, the relationship between angels and God is very close. Angels are special children of God and bring God’s important will to mankind. Angel of hope usually symbolizes peace, kindness, beauty, and happiness. In Western literature, angels are mostly winged girls or children. They are often used as a metaphor for people who are innocent and cute, who bring joy and happiness to others.


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