Aongking Handmade Statuette

Bronze Western Nude Man Relief Male Figurine Desktop Decoration

Small statuettes can also take many forms, such as embossed styles. It was a naked man embedded in the wall. On the base is a stone wall cast in bronze with a very mottled surface. The skin of the man’s whole body was brown, and it had a very bright and unique bronze sheen. We can see that the back line of the man’s body statuette is very healthy and strong. The man stroked his hair with one hand and made a very sexy pose. This kind of statuette that embodies the power of human health can be used as a gift for some fitness people, allowing us to experience that unique power.



Most of the traditional sculptures intervening in public spaces use the combination of sculptures and bases to achieve a solemn psychological feeling, but such space treatment also widens the psychological distance between people and sculptures. The viewpoints of various angles of appreciation involved in abstract bronze sculptures add an interactive relationship between the public and the sculptures. The public can choose the viewing angle to experience the spatial experience created by the sculptures. Different angles produce different effects. Space changes, this viewing method also shortens the psychological distance from the public, allowing the public to have a way of communicating and dialoguing with the sculpture. , so that the public can approach the sculpture or even walk into the sculpture structure to experience the psychological feeling of people and sculpture in the same space, and enhance the psychological interaction with the public.


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