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bronze venus of willendorf statue art firgures fat sculpture decor

Many bronze art figurines have abstract designs to give people different feelings. These art figurines are an obese person, his head has circles, forming a circle without facial features. Every part of his body has excess fat. The whole fat body is supported by only two lower legs. Art figurines also satirize a phenomenon from another aspect, but he is still a sculpture that gives people a different view.



Abstract art figurines, its concept is completely different from figurines. Abstract art figurines refer to art that deviates from the artistic imagination to a large extent or completely abandons the appearance of natural objects. The abstraction in bronze sculptures gives people a lot of feeling and imagination. After all, it is not real, and the biggest feature of abstract bronze sculptures art figurines is that they seem to be ordinary, simple, or even clumsy, but they give people a vivid feeling. Let people feel its magic when inadvertently. The people, things, and landscapes of abstract art give people a vivid feeling. No matter what kind of art it is, the concrete and abstract in bronze sculptures are liked by different people, and they can all represent some profound things. Art figurines will reflect a certain kind of phenomenon in life, or highlight an idea. Guessing what the author wants to express has also become the joy of customizing this figure.


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