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bronze three wise monkeys ornaments statue animal sculpture for sale

This famous 3 wise monkeys ornaments figurine has certain life enlightenment. They cover their ears and cover their eyes. Cover your mouth. Implied the three principles of doing things without listening, speaking, or watching. Everyone has different opinions. 3 wise monkeys ornaments can all be placed in the office or home, not only for decoration. There are reminders. Their fur has been cast in layers to highlight the texture of brass. The whole body is brown and yellow, and there is some retro luster.



In modern times, when the sculpture industry is prevalent, various themes have become the source of design for foundries. Among them, Chinese zodiac sculptures occupy a large proportion, and there are many types of animals involved in Chinese zodiac sculptures, which are rich and diverse in image shaping, such as This quirky 3 wise monkeys ornaments has a novel shape. The 3 wise monkeys ornaments have their own shapes. One monkey puts his hand on his forehead, one monkey puts his hand on his ear, and the other puts his hands on his mouth. The smart and cute monkey seems to be looking at the distant scenery, and it seems to be calling for companionship to come. The image is vivid and vivid. It is one of the twelve zodiac sculptures in the garden square, and it is also the most characteristic and ornamental animal sculpture. According to legend, the agile monkeys are the incarnation of wisdom. They are very popular and loved by people. With the development of the times, the East and West cultures collide and merge. 3 wise monkeys ornaments have a variety of shapes and styles, which are not only suitable for outdoor gardens. The square can also be used for home decoration, and it has a certain symbolic meaning and plays an important role in Feng Shui.


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