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Bronze Thinking Man Head Figurine Home Decoration

When you see an abstract statuette with a very strong design, do you see what it looks like from a different angle? Just like the presentation of this bronze statuette, on a black square plinth. Above a bronze pillar is a person’s hand, which supports the person’s face, and the statuette of the character’s face closes his eyes very comfortably. The facial features of the statuette are very three-dimensional. Each of our statuettes freezes a character’s moment. Very vivid image. In this way, the combination of many different character states is very interesting and distinctive. The representation of the statuette conveys to us the feelings we want to express.



It requires a bit like a specific thing, but also simplifies the deformation, but also shows exaggerated beauty and inner meaning. Generally speaking, portrait bronze sculptures also include human abstract bronze sculptures. With its advantages of free shape change and strong material plasticity, abstract bronze sculpture can shape huge-scale sculptures in a limited space to achieve a visual effect that is in harmony with the surrounding architectural environment. Restrictions can be displayed in the public space in a more diverse modeling language, which can make up for the mechanical sense and indifference brought by the high building density in the formal language, and coordinate the visual mood of the public space through the form of abstract bronze sculptures. Abstract bronze sculptures are mostly presented by directly intervening on the ground, eliminating the traditional sculptures placed on the base.


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