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Animal family warm picture interior bookshelf decoration bronze statuette of horse head

Art comes from life. I think every artist has his own unique insights and research on life. He found some unique characteristics in life and created extraordinary works, just like ours, bronze statuette of horse The head shows a very warm scene, but the bronze statuette of horse head does not sculpt the entire body of the horse, but uses the features of the horse’s neck and head to decorate a very abstract artwork, which we have also seen many unique works of art are made of the detailed dock decoration with the dock as a decoration. It can be cast differently. Well, the artistic atmosphere is like this dock. The surface of the bronze statuette of horse head is very smooth and shows a brown color. The retro charm, but his eyes, nose, and horsehair are all designed in dark gray, which makes the whole bronze statuette of horse head more three-dimensional. This statuette shows a large size, guarding the pony, This bronze statuette of horse head is used as a table decoration, which allows us to appreciate animals and artistic sculptures, and at the same time feel a different atmosphere of love.



Bronze statuette of horse head, the horse head is flexible and vivid, the lines are smooth and atmospheric, the image is strong and handsome, and it has a unique style. The horse has a very strong and exuberant atmosphere, and the horse belongs to the auspicious animal, which has the meaning of promotion. , and can provide an uplifting meaning, although it can’t turn evil, it is also uplifting. Horses can drive the flow of wealth and make careers more successful. Horses belong to noon, so the southern part of the home or workplace can be said to be the best orientation. The bronze statuette of horse head is rarely used to dispel evil, mainly because it is neither as powerful as lions and dragons, nor does it know how to avoid danger like turtles, so it lacks the effect of dispelling evil. Fortunately, the horse has the function of prosperous, so we can place the bronze statuette of horse head in the prosperous position, hoping to receive the first step, and the horse will be successful.


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