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bronze statue of nude muscle man home decor

The strength of the muscles is very full, just like this bronze statuette. There are many sculptors throughout the ages. There are many ways for young men or perennial men to show their strength, and this statuette shows more directly. His strength, this is a man full of muscles with his hands behind his back, the whole person is kicking on the rock, he is very painful and howling with his mouth open, we don’t know what he went through, but we can see him The Struggles is such a figurine that suppresses pain, it is thought-provoking, but it has a unique painful charm. I hope that people who understand this artistic concept will customize it and treat it as a collection to protect and appreciate.



Whether it is various statuettes in the Louvre Museum in Paris, France, or statues in Florence, Italy, even if you are casually walking on the streets of a European city, the sculptures on ancient buildings are mostly naked or half-naked. In fact, the phenomenon of nude figurines in Western countries stems from the influence of Greek culture. While Greek sculptors focused on the study and expression of male human beauty, when depicting women, clothing was used to replace the details of important parts of the body—though as transparent as possible. All of this stems from the fact that when ancient Greek sculptors studied human body carving, they were often men who took off their clothes and exercised in the arena or sports field. The sculptor’s favorite material is bronze, and the bronze-colored blackness of the statuette is more appropriate to express the color of the human body after being exposed to sunlight.


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