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bronze singing jessica rabbit figure friend gift for sale

The novel design can attract the artistic attention of many people, and this Jessica rabbit figure is very charming. This is the image of a singer with a woman’s body and a rabbit head. Its figure is plump. He is well-proportioned, dressed in a long slit skirt, and stepped on high heels. Below the neck is a superior clavicle line. This Jessica rabbit figure loves its singing career. The beauty and confidence displayed in this aspect are radiated from the figurines.



The abstract bronze sculptures of figures are non-figurative bronze sculptures, that is to say, except for the realistic bronze sculptures, they are all abstract bronze sculptures. For the figure abstract bronze sculpture manufacturer, when casting the Jessica rabbit figure bronze sculpture, the requirements for the shape are not strict, and there is no requirement for the inner meaning. There is also a semi-abstract, also called intention, which requires a bit like a specific thing, but simplified Deformation must also show exaggerated beauty and inner meaning. Generally speaking, the bronze sculpture of the figure Jessica rabbit figure also includes the abstract bronze sculpture of the figure. The abstract bronze sculpture of Jessica rabbit figure is the artistic proposition and pursuit of whatever one wants. The abstract bronze sculpture of figures is a step towards a completely non-representational step by young artists, breaking the identifiability of “writing” regulations. Of course, the theoretical and practical strength of figurative symbolic works on a global scale, including ready-made products and behaviors, has also largely weakened the exploration of Chinese and even global artists in non-figurative fields: the combination of purely formal elements seems to Become a designer’s patent.


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