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Bronze Rome Soldier Statues National Protection Army Warrior Figurines

The different characters of a statuette in Rome show us their unique powers, and what these soldiers, warriors, and generals convey to us is different according to everyone’s preferences. The very complex background and characters cast by this statuette are on a very hard city wall as the support and background of the statuette, with a helmet on it, and the main character next to it is a general statuette, wearing a thick and hard armor, with his left hand leaning on the shield The details of casting the beast give us a very rich feeling. There are also spears and beasts at the feet of the statuette. These rich elements constitute a characteristic rest scene of generals.



Ancient Roman sculpture is an important part of ancient Western civilization. Ancient Rome was the conqueror of ancient Greece, but it became the conqueror of ancient Greek culture. The outstanding contribution of ancient Roman sculpture art to Western civilization lies in its role in inheriting the ancient Greek sculpture art tradition, carrying forward the past and opening up the future, and carrying forward it. Sculpture art has a very high status in the social life of ancient Rome, and the number of beautiful sculpture works is still unimaginable today. Watching and learning the stories and knowledge of ancient Roman statues is another great gain of Ye Zi’s visit to the Qin and Han Roman Civilization Exhibition. The ancient Romans had a strong concept of status, so many statues were statues of emperors and nobles, which were sculpted by nobles to let future generations remember them.


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