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Bronze Pinocchio figurine Cartoon sculpture children gift

Not only children like it, but pinocchio figurine can also be placed in every room to show you the exquisiteness. The charm of the small cartoon character sculpture is self-evident. The most classic legend of Pinocchio is that the nose will grow when lying. This small sculpture is a cartoon version of Pinocchio. He is still a child sitting on the ground and wearing The big bucket hat, the little clothes on her body are very handsome, and the big shoes. Its smiling face is very cute. Pinocchio figurine also symbolizes that a little boy will eventually experience a lot of becoming an honest and brave boy.



Cartoon Pinocchio figurine can be placed in every room of the whole family, making it an important part of people’s lives. What we are doing is hoping to truly integrate art into life. And so that more people can walk into its artistic daily life. The bronze cartoon Pinocchio figurine is a new type of sculpture crafts. It not only has a very exquisite and textured appearance, and has a high appreciation value. At the same time, it also has very strong plasticity, which can perfectly capture the artist’s creative inspiration. Show it. All the characters in Pinocchio figurine’s modeling are from real characters or animals and plants or cute characters in fairy tales, but they are different from natural shapes. The sculptor gives Pinocchio figurine a new, artistic state of life. Therefore, The animation modeling of cartoon sculpture does not mean simple deformation or purposeless exaggeration and deformation. To shape a cartoon character must be carefully experienced. Each part of the modeling is based on the external needs of the character’s unique personality, and at the same time must conform to the cartoon sculpture. Specific requirements for production.


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