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bronze Pekingese statue animal dog sculpture home decor

If you are a dog lover or want to commemorate your dog, you can customize this Pekingese statue, it is so realistic, the whole shih Pekingese statue is reddish-brown, very bright, and hard. Bronze casts a furry texture. It is also a skill of a sculptor. The hair on the head and the whole body are distinct. Very bushy. Stand straight on all fours and calves, and look straight ahead. The whole Pekingese statue is so cute and faithful. I believe you will like it too.



Pekingese statue is an ancient pet dog, from China, is a very popular noble pet. It is lively by nature, and domesticating it makes some people have fun. This kind of dog likes the home environment and the tidy outdoor environment, its eyes sparkle under the lights. Pekingese statue is also very suitable for indoor placement. The Chinese also call them blessed dogs. They are depicted in many works of art and are widely respected. Because they look like lions, they are considered to be patron saints. The Pekingese statue has a short and slender face, a pair of eyes that are very attractive, large lobed ears with rich fur, a long beard and mane, strong limbs, and a long carcass. The tail is heavily feathered and turned upwards.



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