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bronze mother daughter figurines woman girl statue decor

With full of maternal love, it freezes a moment of beautiful childhood into mother daughter figurines. Maternal love is really a great emotion in the world. The small sculpture shows the mother playing with her daughter. The mother took her daughter’s arm in circles. They are all wearing beautiful skirts, and the smiles on their faces are very vivid. The skin of the mother daughter figurines’s body also has the unique gloss of bronze.



Mother daughter figurines are very popular with families. They give people a kind of innocent, lovely, vigorous, and full of maternal love, and can express the most innocent and true emotions. Family and children’s bronze sculptures are ubiquitous in our daily lives. Many places will have their presence. Family and children’s bronze sculptures can best reflect a social and cultural atmosphere. Because mother daughter figurines pay attention to expressing spirit by form, expressing a high degree of image beauty with the condensed language of children’s bronze sculptures. The design of children’s childlike bronze sculptures is often aimed at expressing innocence and hope, and most of the modeling aspects are based on certain characteristics and details in life. There are also some children’s bronze sculptures with special shapes to portray children’s interest in order to express children’s expectations and expectations for the adult world. For the depiction of family mother daughter figurines bronze sculptures, they are often carved with delicate carving techniques. The depiction of children’s facial labels is particularly delicate, and the grasp of posture is particularly unique.


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