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bronze miniature fairy figurines angel sculpture home decoration

To arrange the indoor environment into the beauty of the garden, you need this miniature fairy figurines, although it is small, it reveals sophistication and beauty. This is a young and ignorant elf reading a book. She put her cheeks in her hands and smiled at the corners of her mouth. It must be a beautiful story in the imagination book. Her long hair is draped over her shoulders, the wings behind her are as clever as butterflies, and her body is full of brass luster. The small miniature fairy figurines on the table are really icing on the cake.



Characteristics of Western figure sculptures There are many types of figure sculptures, including ancient figure sculptures, modern figure sculptures, western figure sculptures, and miniature fairy figurines. Western figure sculpture pays attention to the form, which has been continued in ancient Greece. It is necessary to know that the golden ratio was used in sculpture at that time. Western figure sculpture is vivid! A bronze sculpture of the prehistoric era is displayed in front of people. Elephants have crossed the vast space and time, and are messengers from the distant past. They may be simple, rough shapes or broken pieces, but they have aroused people’s infinite surprise and reveries about the vast ancient times. Except for the miniature fairy figurines in the garden interior style, it gives a wonderful and dreamy feeling. There are also more famous prehistoric bronze sculptures with two Venus, one is the Venus of Willendorf before this year, and the other is the Venus of Vespeg about noon. . . Both can be customized like miniature fairy figurines like bronze figurines.


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