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bronze mickey figurines Cartoon sculpture children gift

The most popular thing in Disney is mickey figurines. The classic desktop decoration makes your home more advanced. Mickey figurines use classic bronze color, after polishing, the entire surface of the small sculpture has a sense of luster of the age, Mickey is sitting In a book, wearing a gentleman’s suit and leather shoes, with open palms, as if calling people to study, with a big smile on his face. There is also a special golden bronze lettering at the bottom of mickey figurines, you will love this gift for good friends.



We often see cartoon sculptures of various materials in the park, such as Mickey Mouse, Donald Duck, little penguin, or other animal figures. In short, children like them very much. Our sculptures always follow the trend. The cute images in the latest TV series, movies, or animations are all the materials of sculptors. Children like to take pictures with these cartoon sculptures and play around them. These cartoon images bring them endless fun. The mickey figurines made by concise and exaggerated techniques are more vivid, making this vivid cartoon image very lifelike, and can depict the character, connotation, and external characteristics of cartoon characters or cartoon animals vividly and vividly, with the most concise and clear The sculpting language such as the volume and lines of the mickey shows a rich visual effect, which is the focus of the production of mickey figurines. When making vivid mickey figurines, first use each piece of mud and various expression techniques to reflect the character’s form, appearance, structure, texture, sense of volume, volume, and other elements, and finally achieve a perfect artistic effect, which is also endowed Each cartoon sculpture character has unique artistic appeal and vitality.


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