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Bronze metal wild boar sculpture brass wild boar statue decor

We may not see some wild animals in natural life, but there are many sculptors who pursuit of nature to observe nature, freeze those very interesting pictures, and capture the beautiful moments of those animals, just like this figurine of the wild boar, its body is cast in bronze, but it is very mottled and uneven, but it increases the three-dimensionality of the figurine, making the wild boar more alive and vigorous, and the wild boar has lost its fierce appearance before. , but walks very meekly, which shows another characteristic of animals in our eyes, which is also the pursuit and love of sculptors for life



The figurine works attach great importance to details, and the depiction is exquisite, which shapes the real dynamic and natural texture of animals. His animal figurines are individual and reflect the artist’s unique keen observation of the natural world. To put it simply, it is to put the characteristic shape in the first place. The seemingly smooth and textureless sculpture actually contains more interesting content. The animal’s hair or skin is completely transformed into a kind of line force, accompanied by the musculoskeletal dynamics to make a work so The shock is complete, and the figurine image finally seen is very symbolic and unforgettable outline. Animal figurines have always been an important type of bronze sculpture. Whether in modern society or in ancient times, they are deeply loved by people. The sculptor makes and portrays the delicate figurines. Preservation of form manifests itself as a unity of animal and culture.


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