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bronze metal craft sculpture western design cowboy with dog figurines table decoration

Speaking of American western cowboys, we always think of western cowboys, wearing leather jackets and boots, and galloping on horses, our figurine shows the characteristics of western cowboys from another aspect. This bronze figurine is a western cowboy with a very handsome hat on his naked upper body. There is an antelope beside him, and the western cowboy holds the antelope’s horn in his right hand. We can clearly see the body of this figurine. Every part of the figurine is very carefully cast, and every little detail is displayed. As the strength of this person, this figurine can be used as a gift for many men, I hope they will like such a powerful existence.



Western cowboys refer to a group of enthusiastic and fearless pioneers in the vast western land of the United States in the 18th and 19th centuries. In the history of the United States, they were the pioneers in the development of the West, full of adventure and hard-working spirit, and were called “heroes on horseback”. Bronze sculpture art figurines are attached to a specific environment, creating a certain visual copper sculpture figurine art space by adding and subtracting shapes, expressing the artist’s aesthetic point of view, and interpreting social life. The artworks in the exhibition are all realistic Sexual, closely related to the theme of the American West, some of the pictures also have some famous Westerns in film history. Artists in those days used bronze statuettes to frame the western Indians, cowboys, pioneers and animals in the mountains, and handed them down to future generations.


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