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Bronze Medieval Imperial Warrior knigh Statue Antique Soldier Figurine Decoration

Whether in the Greco-Roman era, in peaceful modern times, or in that very war-torn era, one of the most respected professions is the military. The gray head radiates acupuncture points to defend our homeland and sacrifices their lives. Some people may die, but they will always live in people’s hearts. The figurine is a work of art that exists to commemorate them. Artwork can not only decorate, Its greater significance is to commemorate some important things. People and moments are like this figurine. The general is resting on a stool, holding his sword in his left hand, with his sword on the ground, and wearing armor on his head. Wearing a shirt, we can all see that the casting is very delicate in his eyes to protect the lives of his own people. Every figurine of generals hopes to be remembered by everyone



The bronze sculpture of ancient soldiers is a common figurine. It is mainly made of brass and is mainly made of ancient soldiers standing with guns, and uses superb craftsmanship. Ancient Roman figurines are an important part of ancient Western civilization. Ancient Rome was the conqueror of ancient Greece, but it became the conqueror of ancient Greek culture. The outstanding contribution of ancient Roman figurine art to Western civilization lies in its role in inheriting the past, forging ahead, and carrying forward the ancient Greek figurine art tradition. Sculpture art has a very high status in the social life of ancient Rome, and the number of small statues is still unimaginable today. The ancient Romans had a strong concept of status, so many small statues were statues of emperors and nobles, which were sculpted by nobles in order to let future generations remember them.


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