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bronze Mary and baby Jesus figurine Religious sculptures church decoration

This is a very classic religious sculpture. It shows the baby Jesus figurine. The Virgin Mary is walking barefoot on the hemisphere, wearing a crown on her head, holding a status scepter in her right hand, smiling, her left arm In the bend, holding the baby Jesus figurine, Jesus pointed at the sky with two fingers, and also held a king’s ball. The whole figurine is bronze and shiny. Very retro atmosphere. This type of baby Jesus figurine religious decoration can be placed in the indoor church at any time, in the area of meditation and prayer.



The ball in the baby Jesus figurine’s hand is the “royal ball” or “the holy ball of the cross”, commonly known as the “golden apple”. This is a mark of dignity and power, which proves the absolute rule of the king. Mainly used in the coronation of the Holy Roman Emperor (should be created when Charles the Great has crowned the Emperor of the Frank Empire), representing the authority of Christ (the cross represents the secular power that God bestows on the king to rule the country) to rule the entire world (the sphere represents the material world, the hand Holding this ball symbolizes mastery of the world power). Usually, European emperors have crosses on their crowns, representing Christ’s supremacy over the world. Usually, the king holds fixed things in his left and right hands when he is crowned. The Virgin Mary holding a baby Jesus figurine usually holds a scepter in one hand and a treasure ball in the other. When the king receives the scepter when he is crowned, it represents the power from the Holy See. Accepting the treasure ball represents power from the world. The baby Jesus figurine also shows the right of the religious world.


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