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bronze mario figurine trophy sculpture Award statue

Mario turned into a super Mario by eating mushrooms, characterized by a big nose, a hat, wearing overalls, and a beard. In this golden bronze Mario figurine, his left hand is akimbo, his right hand is holding the crown, and there is a 1st mark on the front of his body, showing that he has won. The surface of the small sculpture is plated with a layer of gold, and the existence of the entire Mario figurine is like a symbol of victory, very suitable for gifts to friends. We can also customize many statuettes similar to Mario figurine.



The cartoon Mario figurine series can be displayed in various living places in the entire residential area. Bookshelves, living rooms, and desktops are all very well decorated. What we are doing is hoping to truly integrate art into life. And so that more people can walk into its artistic daily life. Cartoon Mario figurine is a novel sculptural handicraft. It not only has a very exquisite and textured appearance, and has a high appreciation value. At the same time, it also has very strong plasticity. Show it. The characters in the cartoon Mario figurine sculpt come from games or animations. The sculptor gives these characters a new and artistic state of life. Therefore, the animated sculpting of cartoon sculptures does not mean simple deformation or aimless exaggeration. To shape a cartoon character must be carefully experienced. The modeling of each part is based on the external needs of the character’s unique character, and at the same time, it must meet the specific requirements of cartoon sculpture production.


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