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Bronze Man On Horse With Bird Statue Bronze Art Decor Warrior Figurines Collectible

This figure figurine is very chivalrous, this figurine has an oval base and a mottled design on the ground. A very delicate horse was running on the ground. Reins and mats were tied to the horse’s head and back. The cushions are very finely cast and have fringe around the edges. An old man is sitting on horseback. The right hand is holding a bird in the air. Every detail and action of the characters have been carefully designed. There are many elements in this figurine, with characters and animals combined to bring the scene to life. This figurine is perfect as a decoration for some bookshelves.



The size and specification of the character riding bronze figurines can be customized on demand. The small ones can be used in the home or office environments, which can improve the taste and grade of the space. The large ones are mainly placed outdoors. In the sculpture industry, there are countless images of horses. Horses are not only the main type of animal sculpture but also an important part of many figures on horseback in figure sculptures, like this bronze statue of a figure riding a horse with a whip. The shape is bold and bold, the characters are vivid, and it is very rich in the style of Western European-style figurines. In the figurine of the figure riding on a horse, the tall horse jumps with its front hooves and its head is slightly raised, while the figure riding on the horse, dressed in battle uniform and holding a whip, seems to be whipping the horse and urging it to move forward. The group of bronze statues of figures on horseback not only gives people a fresh sense of vision but also has rich connotations, giving people unlimited thinking space and ideological promotion.


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