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bronze lady kneeling Woman Figurine Ornament Statue for sale

Beautiful women from different regions have different dressing characteristics and customs. This woman figurine that adds beauty to the desktop is a feature of Western beauty. She was sitting on her knees, her body half-naked. The flowing black dress has a white flower pattern on it. The belt on the waist was still shining gold. The body is bronze skin, showing natural beauty, and the woman figurine is small but delicate. The dancing posture is also very graceful.



The essence of the bronze woman figurine is to show the inner world and spiritual outlook of the characters. Some are educational, some are a kind of cultural heritage, and some are for the purpose of appreciating and entertaining. The bronze sculpture of the woman figurine is closely integrated with the environment, so being integrated into the environment is one of its main characteristics. Traditionally, idols refer to images and statues of gods or Buddha. Taoist idols are more common in China. Bronze sculpture woman figurine is a sculpture art that takes various bronze figures as models and is made of various plastic or sculpted ones. Create an image of artistic bronze sculptures that can be seen. In this way, it can reflect the life of the society, and also express the aesthetic feelings of the artists, the aesthetic ideal art. The characteristics of bronze sculptures are abundant, and the number is constantly increasing. It is possible to sculpt bronze figures of different social statuses such as warriors, attendants, and dancers. This also reflects the progress of social life, and the technique of sculpture is also improving. With. The image is realistic and lively.


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