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Bronze Keep Silence Vintage Art Human Head Bust Figurine Home Decoration

Many incomplete works of art have their own characteristics and the point of view they want to express, which is this kind of abstract art. Brings people a sense of decoration in many spaces. This statuette is cast in bronze, and on a black square base, is a human hand, with a silent movement, the upper index finger of the hand is connected to the human mouth. The face of the statuette is mutilated, and the eyes are hollow. The furrowed brow made us see that this was a very serious man. The entire connection of the statuette is very three-dimensional. This silent bronze statuette is very artistic, and there is no sense of disobedience in the environment such as art galleries.



The production of bronze busts is closely related to the production and life of human beings, and at the same time, it is directly influenced by social ideologies such as religion and philosophy in various eras. We can reflect reality through bust sculpture, so it is considered typical plastic art, static art, and space art. Bronze sculptures of characters still have a very important influence on our real life. In order to facilitate the masses to pay tribute to and cherish the memory of revolutionary martyrs and to provide a place for the young generation to educate the revolutionary tradition, the figure sculpture has a far-reaching significance and educational significance for modern people. It has profound implications for modern people’s thoughts and concepts.


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