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Bronze Greek Mythology Love God Eros Sculpture Wedding Gifts

Are you still looking for a very artistic and energetic gift for your friends, this bronze statuette for children is a very suitable choice, this statuette shows a naked little boy, curvy The hair makes us feel its vitality and youth characteristics, and the statuette holds a silk scarf in her hand? A quiver is attached to the back of the waist. The overall surface of the statuette is smooth, with a characteristic dark brown luster. The artist’s casting is very meticulous, even if it is as fine as a child’s expression, it is very energetic and energetic.



Roman figure sculpture follows the tradition of Greek sculpture in pursuit of “true beauty”, but it is more secular than the sculpture in the Greek period. In the Roman period, many military strategists or politicians asked sculptors to create portraits for them, and even Romans often use of sculpture to preserve the image of the deceased. This objective and the realistic road is another solid step. The achievements of Roman figure sculpture are mainly manifested in portrait sculpture and monument sculpture. These portrait sculptures are not only similar in shape but also pay great attention to the character characteristics of the characters. Ancient Rome achieved excellence in portrait carving. The early works were influenced by Greek sculpture art, and the figures were extremely idealized. During the Roman Empire, the realistic style was popular in portrait sculpture, and portraits with strong personalities and complex inner-world descriptions appeared.


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