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bronze girl with flowers statue figure sculpture home decor

The beautiful flowers and plants in the garden can also be brought into our interior, it is this beautiful girl figurine, cast in bronze, the naked skin of the girl’s body is bronze metallic brown, very natural, reflecting a healthy wheat complexion. On the semicircular base, the girl is wearing a green one-shoulder skirt. The skirt is treated with patina bronze and looks very retro. Girl bronze figurine with black hair, holding beautiful flowers like butterflies in her hands. The whole figurine seems to bring the scene of the play in the garden into the room.



The design of bronze figurines for girls is often based on the expression of innocence and hope, and most of the styling is based on certain characteristics and details in life. There are also some girls, bronze figurines, who portray children’s interest in special shapes in order to express children’s expectations and expectations for the adult world, so as to express a certain profound theme and touch people’s hearts. In modern sculptures, the bronze girl bronze figurine plays an increasingly important role in the decoration. Bronze sculptures are used in many works of art submitted by some soft decoration design companies. Compared with the ancient Shang and Zhou dynasties, its decoration plays a primary role. The display of the girl’s bronze figurine is a testament to the progress and development of the times. The value orientation of bronze sculpture culture is developing with the progress of the times.


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