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bronze girl musical figurines Pretty Girl Sculpture home decor

No matter whether your home decoration is modern or retro, you can try custom musical figurines as home decorations. A small sculpture full of classicism, depicting an ancient woman playing the pipa, her figure is graceful and beautiful, and her flowing skirt dances with the music. The woman wears ancient bracelets on her arms and a bun on her head. An ancient scene, as if only musical figurines were placed there, we dreamed back to that moment in ancient times.



Beauty is the eternal theme. The bronze statue of musical figurines is based on Chinese traditional culture, with a nostalgic perspective, behind the plain appearance, in-depth description of women’s tranquility, gentleness, elegance, and kindness, and eulogize the beauty of women’s demeanor. The images of classical Chinese beauties with different spirits, attitudes and poses vividly show the soft shapes and wonderful postures of Chinese classical women through the exquisite modern bronze carving techniques, and the musical figurines are even more exquisitely crafted. The facial expressions, clothing, accessories, hairstyles, and other details of the characters are carved in place. The noble texture of copper expresses the delicate and smooth skin of the characters, and the unique modern heat coloring technology expresses the elegance, simplicity, silky texture, and warmth of the clothes. , Fully demonstrates the unique charm of the classical beauty of oriental women, which makes people unforgettable and endless aftertaste. There are four musical figurines that can be customized as a whole.


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