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bronze girl and boy angel kiss statue couple figurine Anniversary gift

Greece has many romantic myths and stories. This couple figurine shows the scene of Cupid and Psyche. Psyche is beautiful, wearing a skirt sitting on the stone, while Cupid is naked, kissing Psyche cautiously. Not only romantic. Even the beautiful story of a young couple. The couple figurine has a texture and luster overall. Cupid’s hair and feathers on his wings are very delicate. There is also the look on the faces of the characters, adding the finishing touch to the couple figurine. Make people feel the romance of this love.



From the first king’s daughter, Poseke met Cupid. Fall in love. There have been many ups and downs in the middle, and their love has also gone through many tests. The couple figurine is the scene when they first fell in love. Later, in front of the Council of the Gods, Poseke was publicly named a goddess, she was named a butterfly fairy, a female version of an angel, and Cupid and Poseke were officially married. There are many different designs of couple figurines about Cupid and Psyche. Of course, it is impossible for everyone’s love story to be so full of drama and so fairy tale. And people cannot deliberately pursue certain plots. But couple figurine shows us that love itself is indeed a process of pursuing happiness and pain. You may not taste the human suffering of love, but the process of love must be a life experience of ups and downs. As the story of Cupid, the god of love, tells us.


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