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bronze flamingo figurine animal sculpture office decor

If you pursue a simple home-style, the temperament of this flamingo figurine will suit you very well. Many people would agree that the flamingo is an elegant bird. It has a thin neck and a pointed beak. Its feathers are smooth and shiny with a golden luster. Brass reveals the temperament of the flamingo figurine. This would be a very good office desk decoration. Of course, if you like, you can also customize many different flamingo figurines.



The cast copper flamingo figurine uses oblique lines and arcs to show the shape. There is almost no vertical and horizontal line in the entire shape. The ethereal shape and the linear shape form a sharp contrast with the straight line of the building, creating a very There is lively atmosphere. These urban animal and bird sculptures are a means to beautify the environment. They can display a new type of sculpture with unique innovations so that urban residents can feel the optimism of the entire society in the central area of the metropolis, and make people realize Flamingo figurine is more suitable for sales offices, residential lawns, home desktops, and other places than serious traditional bronze sculptures. It has also won the public’s recognition of the status of the flamingo figurine in the home landscape. The flamingo is a peculiar bird of the ancient Loulan country. Legend has it that when the flamingos are full of feathers, they will always fly south and keep flying, just to let the sky firelight their feathers in Nanyan Mountain, and then bring the fire back to the ancient country of Loulan, where it will be turned into ashes in Tianyi Mountain.


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